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Italy Kosher Union offers all the necessary information on Kosher certificazione and an updated Kosher food list 

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Choosing quality.

In Italy, the number of kosher-certified companies keeps growing at high pace. IKU is more and more attentive to the requirements of the manufacturers applying for the certification, and avails itself of Rabbis who are both experts in Jewish laws and expert in the several sectors of the food industry.

Unite with thousands of companies around the world that chose to get Kosher certification.

Kosher equals quality

Market experts agree that the kosher certification reassures the customer, because the products are supervised and they satisfy high quality standards.

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We have a wide range of services for your company. Kosher consultancy, certification, ingridients analysis and much more!

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In Italy Kosher Union we have a team of experts in the food sector, to guarantee an excellent service.

Kosher certified products in Italy