The IKU Certification

More and more companies choose
to get a Kosher certification

More and more companies are choosing to have kosher certification, to allow people of Jewish religion and not many vegetarians to eat according to the dictates of worship or cultural choices. In Italy there are many kosher certified companies by Barilla, Bonomelli, Ferrarelle and many others.
Typical products, such as: Heinz or Kelloggs ketchup are Kosher certified, not only in Italy but throughout Europe, in fact the production plants of Spain, Germany and UK are under the supervision of Manchester Bet Din.
Also in 2011 many of the producers of raw materials in the food industry such as: citric acid or ascorbic acid, have decided to certify kosher products so that in turn users in the food sector in Italy can already use this benefit.
Thousands of products are certified in Italy, Europe in the USA and in Israel.

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