Soya, Tofu And Miscellaneous Products


Natural TOFU – KOSHER PARVE – certified by the Chief Rabbi of Bologna Rabbi Sermoneta

in all Carrefour supermarkets – BIO

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ISOLA BIO Soya Drink Natural, Soya Drink with Calcium, Soya Drink Chocolate, Soya Drink with Vanilla, Oat Drink Natural, Oat Drink with Calcium, Rice Drink Natural, Rice Drink Vanilla, Rice Drink with Calcium, Rice Drink with Cocoa, Rice Drink with Coconut, Hazelnut Rice Drink, Spelt Drink, Spelt Drink with Calcium, Millet Drink, Kamut DrinkMalt Almonds Drink, Barley Drink, Buckwheat Drink, Almond Drink, Almond Rice Drimk, Mais Drink, Cho Quinoa Drink; Oat Cream, Millet Cream, Rice cream, Spelt Cream; Soya Dessert with Cocoa, Soya Dessert with Vanilla Rice Dessert with Cocoa Rice Dessert with Coconut produced by ABAFOODS in the factory of BADIA POLESINE (ROVIGO, ITALY), are KOSHER PARVE – certified by the Chief Rabbi of Padoa Rabbi A. Locci More… Alpro* All certified, – Soya cuisine drink Bio, Dessert vanilla, Dessert chocolate, Drink natural, Mini drink chocolate, Mini dink vanilla, La tavola di Zio Elio* All. Rav Keller of Naharia Replacing bread: – Flours – Crackers Eurofood – Unleavened bread – Supervised by the Rabbanut of Strasbourg – Orgran – flour for home-made pasta, for bread, for whole-flour bread, for all uses, self-leavening, for pancake, pizza, crumbs to breadcrumb Wasa – products under the label “Sourdough Rye Crispbread” – Seasonings, Sauces, – Falafel mix in Italy have no kosher certification: here are some information about them. In the USA the following are “pat Israel” certified by OK: Crispbread fiber Rye / Crispbread fiber Rye with sesame & oats / Ligth Rye /Sourdough Rye In France: WASA “Leger & Fibres” – though parve – for Ashkenazim they cannot be eaten with meat (for the “Nat bar Nat” rule) – (November 2006) Zio Elio* Unleavened bread (it can be found in all supermarkets: GS – PAM – ESSELUNGA – COOP – SMA etc…) Rabbanut in Israel BioMatt & biofunction* Unleavened bread is produced only with flour from biological agriculture and water (it can be found in all supermarkets GS – PAM – ESSELUNGA – COOP – SMA etc…) Rabbanut of Israel Ryvita The Ryvita Crispbread Product Range various types of cereal tablets KLBD Weetabex* cereal tablets – Kosher certified: See our brands, see Kosher siutable Advatage k parve. The following items are not chalav Israel: TAlpen original k –Alpen No Added Sugar k, Israel Bran flakes k parve Crunchy bran k parve Fruit & Fibre k parve Rice & wheat flakes k –Weetabix k parve Weetos k –Crunch rice & wheat flakes:

  • with 7 vitamins & iron added, low fat k – not halav Israel
  • with 7 vitamins & iron added, rich in dietary fiber k parve
  • mixed with dried fruit & nuts with 7 vitamins & iron added k parve

Certification quality